ECO 1 GREEN – Samples

ECO 1 GREEN – Samples


ECO 1 GREEN– 100% Recyclable 98% Landfill Biodegradable

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All samples of ECO 1 GREEN will be filled using Gen. 1 bottles (ECO 1 WHITE)

There is NO DIFFERENCE in the physical makeup of the bottle or the look of the bottle and will perform the same in any testing as ECO 1 GREEN. It functions exactly the same but does not contain the ENSO Restore additive to achieve landfill biodegradability. The bottle is still 100% recyclable.

ECO 1 GREEN bottles are available in quantities starting at 50 units in our “Products” section.

Thank you for your understanding!

An eco-friendly, direct replacement for plastic water/beverage bottles on the market today.

1 Sample = $10 fee

6 Samples = $25 fee

ECO 1 GREEN consists of an outer shell made of compostable pulp and an inner barrier made of ENSO Restore™ PET. The barrier is less than 35% of the weight of the bottle and is landfill biodegradable.

Custom branding and labeling available.
500ml (16.9 fl. ounces) stock containment and 26mm Pulp-Gripper™ closure.


ECO 1 GREEN available NOW

All quantities ship in less than 2 weeks.

Custom labeling and logo options available! Contact for details.
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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 × 5 × 4 in
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1 Bottle, 6 Bottles